We believe in people. The snacking, screaming, overthinking, real deal kind of people. Because real people make communities. And communities fuse us together and propel us forward. Dollars are dispensable, but stories are not.


The Just Getting By movement began in 2015 when the not-for-profit Michigan Credit Union League looked for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of struggling Americans. The answer became Just Getting By – a feature-length documentary on the real economic problems experienced by people across the nation. But as the team quickly discovered, there were too many stories to tell in one film. And the issues at the heart of the conversation – a fundamental lack of financial literacy and a general reluctance to talk about our personal finances – were too widespread to address without taking a more hands-on approach.


The movement’s mission is to use empathy to empower the financially vulnerable and to raise awareness surrounding the shame and destitution of individuals across the United States. Just Getting By also exists as a roadmap to financial education, guiding consumers to the tools and resources to help them get back on track.

Join us. Share your story.

We Are JGB.