Make an Impact

The Just Getting By campaign invites you to join the JGB cause-based campaign to show how financial literacy can offer hope and guidance to those who are “just getting by.”




We know that your credit union can’t help everyone who is struggling financially; but many of the consumers featured in our videos - and the millions of Americans just like them - could benefit from the lower fees, debt consolidation, or even financial advising services offered by credit unions. That’s why JGB is so important.


Part of the success of the Just Getting By project relies on the support of community organizations and groups that believe in our mission and are willing to help us spread the word. By sharing the stories of people - likely your neighbors or members of your

organization - you are joining us in normalizing the conversation around finances, creating a sense of solidarity among all Americans. For more information and ways to get involved, email us at


We encourage your organization to become part of the movement today. Here is an easy way to show your members and your communities that you care:



of Americans can pass a basic financial knowledge test

Share any of the JGB stories to your social media channels. Use the hashtag #justgettingby and consider how you can use messaging on social media to connect the content of the videos to low-cost solutions offered by your credit union.